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Meerdere websites op één Drupal-pakket met multi-site
Als die gevonden is wordt de settings.php van de betreffende directory geladen. Zoals gezegd: er zijn meerdere oplossingen om een Drupal site multisite te maken, afhankelijk van de projectstructuur. Je zou bijvoorbeeld ook kunnen werken met de Domain Access module, hierover volgt later een blogje.
Drupal Multisite Synetic.
Drupal voor Gemeenten. Home / Drupal / Drupal Multi-Site. Eén codebase voor al je websites. Voor organisaties met verschillende online activiteiten verdeeld over meerdere websites, biedt Synetic met Drupal Multisite de oplossing. Multisite is: vanuit é é n codebase/configuratie, meerdere websites ontwikkelen.
Drupal Multisite: Much Ado About Drupal Multisite Pantheon.
For anyone new to the terminology, a multisite is where you set Drupal up to connect to different databases depending on the incoming url, which allows one instance of Drupal to serve different sites under different domain names. Drupal's' multisite should not be confused with WordPress's' Site Networks feature which is confusingly also commonly called multisite.
How to Set Up Drupal Multi-sites.
If you did everything right, you can visit your subdomain and you will now be asked to install Drupal in your subdomain. More on Drupal Multi-sites. What you've' seen in this tutorial is just the beginning of the possibilities with Drupal Multi-Sites.
Creating a Drupal multisite installation.
A big tip for building multisite Drupal is that apart from the all/ and default/ folders, other folders can be created in /sites, and Drupal will assign them special meaning. More specifically, Drupal assumes that all other directories found in the /sites folder represent a hostname or a hostname pattern.
Multisite Drupal Drupal 8 guide on
Multisite Drupal 8 Setup. Multisite Drupal 8. Multisite folder structure in Drupal 8. Following is an example of multisite structure with Drupal 8. For simplicity other Drupal core folders and files are not listed. Multisite Drupal 8. Multi-site Drupal 8 configuration.
Configuring a basic multi-site development environment in Linux Drupal 7 guide on
Drupal 7 Multisite Drupal 7. Multisite Drupal 7. Multi-site Sharing the same code base. Configuring a basic multi-site development environment in Linux. Local multi-site installation of Drupal 7 on Linux. Multi-site in subdirectories. Multi-site on Linux Configuring multi-site for a local user UserDir.
Multisite Drupal 7 Drupal 7 guide on
Multi-site on Windows. Below you find instructions for setting up multi-site on Windows. Multisite Mapping with Drupal. Here I present my recommended settings on Drupal in related to Single Site / Multisite of Drupal Installation by mapping Subdomains and URL.
Multi-site Sharing the same code base Drupal 7 guide on
One area of frequent confusion is that in a Drupal multisite installation the webserver document root is the same for all sites. For example with the following three sites:, and there will be a single Drupal directory and all the three sites will be calling the same index.php file.

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