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Migrate API documentation. Drupal 8 Migration: Migrating Basic Data. Read the source code of the migrate_example and migrate_example_advanced sub-modules provided by the Migrate Plus module. Seriously, these modules are extremely well documented. I found this to be the best resource when I first started with the Migrate API.
Drupal 8 Migration: Migrating Basic Data Part 1 Evolving Web Blog.
Though the migrate module is in Drupal 8 core, we need most of these dependencies to enable / enhance migrations on the site.: migrate: Without the migrate module, we cannot migrate! migrate_plus: Improves the core migrate module by adding certain functionality like migration groups and usage of YML files to define migrations.
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Er bestaat dan ook geen twijfel over dat een upgrade naar Drupal 8 een prima investering is. Hoe migreer ik precies naar D8? Je kunt de migrate module die bij Drupal in core aanwezig is, gebruiken om van een oudere Drupalversie naar Drupal 8 over te stappen.
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Use the Configuration Development module or drush config-import partial. Before running migration import, and depending on the database size, you may consider increasing memory_limit in your php.ini. Chapter Three 06/04/2017 Drupal to Drupal 8 via Migrate API. Drupalize Me 26/04/2016 Custom Drupal-to-Drupal Migrations with Migrate Tools.
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Weve already covered some important migration information on our blog.: Drupal 8 Content Migration: A Guide For Marketers What content should we migrate, and how do we organize and plan a migration? Estimating Drupal 8 Migration Scope How long will all this take?
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Update or migrate? The Drupal core migration system is used for both importing data from custom sources, and for migrating content and configuration from previous versions of Drupal into Drupal 8 effectively updating your site from one major version to another.

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