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Top 5 CRM Integrations for your Drupal Website Valuebound.
The Salesforce Suit of modules allows for a seamless integration of a Drupal website with Salesforce CRM as the Drupal entities like nodes and files get synchronized with Salesforce objects to push Drupal data to Salesforce and to import data from Salesforce.
7 CRM Options Compatible with Drupal SitePoint.
This blogpost describes perfectly how the Drupal" way" should be used to build an integrated CRM solution with Drupal: Use entities to model your data and integrate it with views, rules and other contrib modules to change the behaviour of your CRM entities.
10 Best Drupal CRM Modules Best Plugin.
Top Free CRM Plugins /Extensions for Drupal. The Drupal modules are the best in class products, with premium features at the best price points. These plugins have self updating and self identifying contacts and offer the best way to create and organise your contacts.
Drupal Module Agile CRM.
TRY THE AGILE CRM DRUPAL MODULE PLUGIN. Check the Drupal CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions. Drupal is an open source free CMS platform that allows easy content authoring and management. Using this platform, users can create integrated digital frameworks.
ERPAL Platform.
Based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CRM Core. ERPAL Platform is designed to build flexible business applications based on Drupal. This Drupal distribution includes the latest functionality for business applications and is extendible with common Drupal modules. ERPAL Platform is based on Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CRM Core.
Why use CRM Core? Drupal 7 guide on Drupal.org.
CRM Core seeks to break this lock-in cycle by a making Drupal able to efficiently work with contact information and b providing a platform through which developers can build features capable of doing a lot more than their commercial equivalents.
CRM en ERP met Drupal Van Eldijk.
Wil je toch een CRM met alle toeters en bellen en tegelijkertijd de voordelen van Drupal benutten dan is synchronisatie tussen een extern CRM paket en Drupal misschien een goede optie, voor veel CRM pakketten zijn speciale modules te vinden die deze koppeling kunnen leggen.
CRM Systems Drupal.org.
Log in to edit this page. Drupal 7 supports several CRM systems that can be used for contact, activity and relationship tracking. For information on CRM for Drupal websites, see the Resource Guide: Marketing Automation and CRM in Drupal. Comparing Content up CiviCRM.
CRM Core Drupal.org.
CRM Core Settings allows administrators to control the UI for managing contacts. In addition to these basic features, CRM Core integrates with a number of other components within Drupal, including views, VBO, ctools, rules, solr, services, field api and search api.

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