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Community Docs Home. Develop for Drupal. Contribute to Docs. Last updated 7 February 2018. Created on 20 May 2013. Edited by fundawangcn, beltofte, xSDx, TheodorosPloumis. Log in to edit this page. This section lists modules that add new backends, plugins or other extensions to the Search API, allowing users to add additional functionality to their sites.
Extensions Directory CiviCRM.
Learn how to install extensions. Create your own extension. Add an extension to this directory. Installable through CiviCRM's' user interface? Yes: This Extension Release has been reviewed and is ready for automated distribution. No: This Extension Release has not been reviewed. Needs work: This Extension Release has been reviewed and needs work from the developer before the review can continue. Sort by Current Usage. Webform CiviCRM Integration. This powerful and popular module provides a smart form builder and processor with many features that are missing from CiviCRM's' profile forms. Its many uses range from creating a simple newsletter sign-up form to managing a complex multi-step online application workflow. Current Usage: 2913., Exposes CiviCRM data as true Drupal entity types, providing seamless integration with any module using Drupal's' Entity API, such as Rules.
Free Extensions Drupal Commerce.
Drupal is designed to be a strong core with configurable parts that work together. Drupal Commerce is designed from the ground up to take advantage of all Drupal 7 modules, but there are also a large number of commerce-specific modules.
Behat Drupal Extension
The Drupal Extension is an integration layer between Behat, Mink Extension, and Drupal. It provides step definitions for common testing scenarios specific to Drupal sites. The Drupal Extension 4 supports Drupal 6, 7 and 8, and utilizes Behat 3. The main repository is on github, mirrored here for convenience.
Installing modules Drupal 7 guide on
Otherwise, you run the extremely rare, but possible risk, of having your site hacked into after the Drupal security team releases the details of a Drupal site's' vulnerabilities, as they do, if needed, on the third Wednesday of the month between 12 noon and 5pm Eastern time.
Creating custom modules Drupal 7 guide on
Creating Drupal 7 hooks. The Drupal 7 Hook Concept. Writing comments and implementing your first hook. Drupal hook described: hook_help. Writing install files Drupal 7.x. This page is about Drupal 7. For Drupal 6, see Writing install files, Drupal 6.x.
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