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Backup and Migrate
Drupal 8: information. There is a stable Drupal 8 release with basic backup and restore functionality. In other words, many of the features in version 7.x-3.x are missing. And many of the modules that enhance Backup and Migrate doesn't' have stable Drupal 8 releases.
Drupal 8 Migration Drupalize.Me.
Update or migrate? The Drupal core migration system is used for both importing data from custom sources, and for migrating content and configuration from previous versions of Drupal into Drupal 8 effectively updating your site from one major version to another.
Slides DCSTL: Migrate API in Drupal 8 Dazzle.
In onze reeks Dazzle deelt Drupal kennis delen we graag de slides van de sessie in Saint-Louis. MIGRATE API IN Drupal 8 Sven Decabooter. Probleemloze migraties realiseren? Sinds Drupal 8 is de migratie module geïntegreerd in Drupal core. Dazzle biedt je een stappenplan om een website van Drupal 6 of Drupal 7 te upgraden naar Drupal 8.
The migrate module provides a flexible framework for migrating content into Drupal from other sources e.g, when converting a web site from another CMS to Drupal. Out-of-the-box, support for creating core Drupal objects such as nodes, users, files, terms, and comments are included it can easily be extended for migrating other kinds of content.

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